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The Age of Aquarius. It’s time to shine!

In 2021 we moved into The Age of Aquarius. Which marks the start of a new era, bringing the chance for us all to shift from separation to unity.

I am connected to Ancient Egypt, so I wasn’t surprised to see the Key of Life/ Ankh appearing on my pastel drawing, holding the Earth in its womb (the Feminine aspect of the key of life).

The Ankh signifies the cohesion of Heaven and Earth, interlinking male and female symbols, or ceremonial girdles. It also represents air, water, and the Sun…

This shape reminds me of an angel, with the light radiating from “its heart”, representing the Sun and the light of ascension.

In the background, the Universe appears with purging fire to burn away the negativity and allow the Blue, healing, calming energies to emerge.